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Via F. Turati 4/B 91025 Marsala Italy 

Fiscal Code 91041460816

The "Cultural Community Empowerer"© is a new figure of operator who, following a specific training, by virtue of the knowledge of Community Psychology, will be able to develop important development projects of the local community by exploiting the acquired ability to enhance the Environmental and Cultural Heritage of the territory

1. The association is non-party, non-profit and carries out promotional and social utility activities.
2. The association collects in its aims the legacy of an incessant scientific-cultural activity initially carried out from 1989 to 1998 with the PSYCHODYNAMIC RESEARCH CENTER ON THE MIND-BODY RELATIONSHIP; from 1995 until 1998 and from the year 2005 until today with the Itinerant Seminar "L'IMMAGINARIO SIMBOLICO"; from 1997 until today with the Scientific Journal PSICOLOGIA DINAMICA, from 1999 to 2005 with the Small Cooperative Society in RL "Fenorabia Group Europe" and from March 2005 to August 2021 with the COOPERATIVE SOCIETY FENORABIA GROUP EUROPE; from 2009 until today with the Cultural Association THE SCHOOL OF "L'IMMAGINARIO SIMBOLICO"; from 2011 until today with the annual Workshop-Expo IL FEMMINILE L'IMMAGINARIO; from 2019 with the annual MEETING ON PSYCHOTHERAPY; from 2019 with the annual WWW.BITC BORSA ITALIANA DEL TURISMO CULTURALE and from 2020 with the annual CONVENTION ON COMMUNITY PSYCHOTHERAPY.

Dynamic Psychology represents an emerging discipline in the psychological field since, although connected to traditional psychoanalytic schools, it integrates them with modern theoretical and applicative acquisitions, above all with reference to Experimental Psychology, Group Psychoanalysis and the study of the transpersonal world, the Psychology of Self and Intersubjectivity, the Family Relations System and the influence of communication within them, finally, to the various factors that play an important role in Community Psychology. An interesting line of Dynamic Psychology concerns the study of the role and value of the Symbolic World; the Itinerant Seminar "L'IMMAGINARIO SIMBOLICO©"; in What Dynamic Psychology Means,  by Alfredo Anania,18 march 2006 represents an advanced model of this type of research

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